Method Man & Redman The Great Adventures of Funk Doc & John Blaze

This is the first disc of the Blackout Warriorz double album. Now, nobody ever did a Method Man & Redman remix album ever and I'm like "Yoo, as much these two got one helluva chemistry together as one of the most untouchable hip-hop tag team and they got some dope ass acapellas and NOBODY ever did a remix tape of these two?" and that point on, I feel like that this could be it, I'm bout to do something with these two right here. I always imagine what would it sounds like if these two rapped on my productions, because I would fuckin' love it if I had an opportunity to produced an entire album for Meth & Red. Originally, this was suppose to be an seven track EP and entitled "Doc, Blaze & Key: The EP". But, I remixed more joints on this project than I could even imagined. So, I transformed it into a 10 track album and changed the name into "The Great Adventures of Funk Doc & John Blaze". I added the "Co-Starring DJ Keytronikz as Grandmaster Keytro" as a tagline (I know it sound old school, lol) like "Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (co starring Ghost Face Killer as Tony Starks)". Enjoy the music and relax for a while. - ❤️, ✌🏾, & ✊🏾, DJ Keytronikz


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