GunplayChill Treap (Remixes)

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[Verse 1: Drake] Took niggas out the hood like I'm from there So you know it's all good when I come there I hear you talk about your city like you run that And I brought my tour to your city, you my son there nigga But I had to come through for the remix On my haven’t done a verse in 8 weeks shit And if a nigga say my name, he the hot shit But if I say the nigga name, he still the hot shit Fucked up, lucky I don't feed into the gossip Niggas act like they don't know, but they should know Yeah, I just think it's funny how they dangling the bait But I'm the one that's killing niggas on the hooks though And niggas ain't got a grill, still ice grill hating I know y'all already know Mike Will Made It Just looking at the numbers, nigga, I feel amazing I call Michael Jordan up and Mike will make

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