Karma Fields Body Rush

Karma Fields drops his much anticipated sophomore album Body Rush, with features from Tove Lo, Little Boots, and Shey Baba to name a few.

Body Rush is a concept album, masterfully crafted from sensual vocal tracks and original sampling to take the listener on an intimate thrill ride. From heavy-hitting bangers like “An Underground System of Forgotten Machines” and “Super Mega Tokyo” to the dreamy, introspectiveness of “Slow it Down” and “Ride Through”, the listener is drawn through a dark, carnal and melancholic landscape of undulating pace and emotion. Designed to be experienced from start to finish with each track effortlessly permeating the next, this is an album you will need to have sex to. Following Karma Fields' debut album New Age | Dark Age, released on Monstercat in 2016, this second full-length release heralds a more mature and polished sound from the classically-trained producer. Body Rush sees his work evolve from once exclusively dance tracks into a cohesive and nuanced musical storytelling that boasts broader pop appeal without losing its roots.
  • Added on: Mar 18th, 2019