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Why Closure ? Closure means finality ! a letting go of what once was. Finding closure implies a complete acceptance of what has happened and an honouring of the transition away from what's finished to something new.

Something good happened in my life in 2012 and I believed I made a choice that will unlock a new chapter of blessings in my life forever. However, calamity followed. I am still not sure how I saw that wrong. The next fear years leading up to 2018 was a downward spiral. Pain, misery, heartbreaks, disappointments, shocks, loss of family, friends and all manner of unpleasant things. I lost my father and I became a nut-job, I was a broken man but nobody knew how broken I was on the inside, I ended up hurting the ones I love, I was betrayed in the process, lied on at certain times. Ignorance prevailed amongst all and it was also a time of learning/character development for me.

This is how Closure was born. It's an adventure that leads to beauty at the end of the tunnel.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you CLOSURE !

Jay Ikwan


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