Idris Lawal Fools & Omoge

Following the release of ‘Gung Ho’ and a multitude of performances in Toronto over the summer, Idris Lawal shares two new singles to mark the beginning of Fall. The singles will be released on Friday, November 1st 2019. ‘Fools’ is an afro-pop ode to those foolishly in love. In his native Yoruba tongue, Idris sings “we’re fools whether we dance or not, baby please let’s keep having fun” interpolating the classic line from Nigerian juju legend, Ebenezer Obey. Fools was produced by French born, Toronto producer - Kyu.

‘Omoge’ translates to ‘Beautiful Girl’ and sees Idris recounting the moment he found love. He sings, “all in a moment, I forgot everything I’ve been longing and found everything I belong in”. Omoge is an afro-soul vibe produced by Idris Lawal himself and is his second collaboration with Toronto- based singer Sydnee Croft (backup vocals) and Jelani Watson (Saxophonist) after Gung-Ho.
  • Added on: Oct 30th, 2019