J. Tune Free Agency ERA Hosted By Dj OnPoint

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ALSO AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD, APPLE MUSIC, ETC J. Tune is starting a new era in the Hip Hop industry with his mixtape, Free Agency Era (FAE). FAE promotes the idea that unsigned artists deserve more credit. The hook in his powerful yet smooth new single, “Love," reiterates Tune's personal message of hope that our global society needs to come together and spread "more love, less hate.” Drawing from personal experiences, Tune’s entire project stresses that only by coming together and realizing we are on this earth to love will we see shared progress. Problems like racial and social conflict can be solved with one simple thing, love. Tune and his team, Believers Dynasty, are honored to have the legendary Dj OnPoint host Free Agency Era.
  • Producer: Scout Verity,Ez Money Beatz,WilliamGold,R.V.T,NinetySevenBeats
  • Added on: Sep 13th, 2016