Hardwork Jig Welkum 2 Hob City 2

Hardwork Jig - Welkum 2 Hob City 2 (Album) https://twitter.com/HardWorkJig Hardwork Jig - Welkum 2 Hob City 2 Tracklist: 1.Welkum 2 Hob City 2 2.I'm Paid 3.Foolin (Feat. Dre Butterz & Coal Cash Blac) 4.Ride Wit Me (Feat. 7 Mile Clee & Stackboi JonBoi) 5.New Glock (Feat. Green Guy Fuji) 6.Static 7.Slaughter (Feat. Trey LTL) 8.Off Something (Feat. MBA Means) 9.Dope Addict (Feat. Icewear Vezzo) 10.N.W.A (Feat. Team Eastside Dame) 11.Street Love (Skit) 12.Street Love 13.The Hood (Feat. Icewear Vezzo & Team Eastside BabyFace Ray) 14.I Remember 15.Emotional (Feat. Most Wanted) 16.Fedup (Skit) 17.Fedup (Feat. Sadabay) 18.Antisocial 19.Ghetto Nigga (Skit) 20.Ghetto Nigga (Feat. Coal Cash Blac) 21.Me And My Gang 22.Get It Brackin (Feat. H.N.I.C Pesh & RoCaine) 23.OG (Feat. Hardwork Sonny)


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