Hardwork Jig The Re-Up

Hardwork Jig - The Re up (Album) https://twitter.com/HardWorkJig Hardwork Jig - The Re-Up Tracklist: 1.Emotional (Feat. Most Wanted) 2.Eastside La Familia (Feat. GT, 7 Mile Clee, Team Eastside & Icewear Vezzo) 3.Playin Crazy 4.Ghetto Stories (Feat. Jacob Monroe) 5.I Done Seen It All 6.In These Streets (Feat. Matthew Thonas) 7.Racks (Feat. Team Eastside Dame) 8.O.T. Troubles 9.Why Yall Hate 10.Word Of Mouf 11.Make It Last 12.No Love 13.I Done Sold It All (Feat. GT, Team Eastside BabyFace Ray, Team Eastside Lil P & Icewear Vezzo) 14.We Are Not The Same 15.I'm Working 16.Killas 17.I'm Gettin It (Feat. GT, Team Eastside BabyFace Ray & Pablo Skywalkin)


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