Team Eastside Ghetto Boyz

1.So Deep 2.Jack Boyz 3.Light Up (Feat. GT) 4.MIA 5.Some Type Of Way 6.Money, Power Lean 7.All My Hoes Back 8.Trenches 9.Why 10.Bankroll (Feat. Icewear Vezzo) 11.Getting Paper 12.East Warren Nigga 13.Grew Up In The Hood 14.Dopeman (Feat. GT) 15.Get Out The Club 16.Operate Like A Boss 17.Summer Mine 18.Fuck Yall Niggas 19.Sack Chaser 20.LaFamila (Feat. GT & Eighti 8) 21.Pray For Me (Feat. Nayeli & Icewear Vezzo)


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