Hefna Gwap EPA

  • Producer: Lord Plawz, EPMDenny, EFF.DOPE, Rel, Sunny Dukes
  • Added on: Feb 26th, 2014 by Hefna Gwap
  • Runtime: 36+ mins, 12 songs
"East Palo Alto (E.P.A.) is a solid mixtape. With a majority of the production being handled by either EPMDenny and Lord Plawz, the beats on here are cohesive without ever becoming stale. Although a lot of the attention on this tape is going to be focused on Hefna’s performance, the production is just as important on this tape because it really helps build the Hefna Gwap persona; it helps him craft/distinguish himself even further as an artist, making E.P.A. all the more memorable."- http://fashionably-early.com


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