EZ Duzzit Cacophony

  • Feat. 6'4 Blakk & Aye Slim
  • Producer: TC Crook, Looney Beatz for #BASSGANGUNIVERSITY #BGU
  • Added on: Oct 12th, 2016 by EZ Duzzit
  • Runtime: 10+ mins, 4 songs
"This project was intended to support the awakening masses. Each member of a community is important and each living person's life matters. We have issues that we must address however, and I dedicate this EP to that cause. I extend this work as a source of tranquility to the situation, as well as a way to help take it all in. Peace to all out there who are dealing with the drama and the pain, if anyone knows how that is, I do, and I feel for you, and I hope I can help a little, because I'm here with you" - EZ Duzzit


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