Earleybird Genghis VS. Jesus (DISC ONE GENGHIS DISC)

  • Feat. Revolution
  • Producer: Earleybird
  • Added on: Apr 28th, 2013 by Earleybird
  • Runtime: 32 mins, 9 songs
This is an album released in 2013 by Earleybird. The album is based on the theory that there were only two remarkable men in history, Genghis Khan and Jesus, both who conquered the world with their vastly different messages. It is about the dichotomy of man and the theory that all men must face two paths, the path to conquer and the path to serve. Earleybird's first double album, The first disc is a tribute to the greatest conqueror that history has ever seen, Genghis Khan. Earleybird plays the character of a fictional, modern day Genghis across 9 tracks.


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