Maja7th | Dominique Larue GRAND

After over a year of working this project aptly titled 'GRAND,' Anderson, IN born/raised producer Maja 7th and Columbus, OH's own Dominique Larue as a newly formed duo, have put together an 8 track extended play of cohesive rhymes and production. Maja 7th is the epitome of musicality with his background in music theory, aswell as being highly skilled on piano, french horn and trumpet. This one producer, one MC project brings you some of Dominique Larue's most personal lyrics to date with songs like 'Freedom' and'Feels Good,' the album also showcases her fun side and highlights her underrated storytelling ability. 'GRAND' has minimal collaborations with only Columbus based artists featuring, in Valure, Micah Robinson and Kim Joyce, which first and foremost allows Dominique Larue to convey
  • Producer: Maja7th
  • Added on: Mar 11th, 2014