DJ Laser & Fabolous Loso, If You Ain't Know So

  • Feat. Fabolous
  • Producer: DJ Laser
  • Added on: May 23rd, 2014 by DJ Laser
  • Runtime: 72 mins, 25 songs
Long before the big videos, smash hits & mainstream crossover, Fabolous was just like every other rapper, but the only difference was that he was picked up by DJ Clue & Desert Storm. Soon after, the two began what is now a 15+ year career of Platinum Albums, Mixtapes, Features and so much more. Now, leading the game, Fabolous continues to put out consistent hits with releases like the "Soul Tape" Series. Take a ride down memory lane with this Mixtape and see how Fabolous has risen from small time Brooklyn boy, to a Worldwide Superstar.


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