Various Artists (Nas & Friends) (Y)OUR EDUCATION IS ILLMATIC

20 years ago, the artist Nas penned a classic 39 minute record that quietly still reverberates today as a classic Hip Hop album, but also much more. We use this historical piece as an example of unpacking the richness of Hip Hop culture for the future of education & well-being. Hip Hop to Learn & Grow. As many musical masterpieces have been, Illmatic has been critically analyzed since its first inception. It is “read” by scholars as text, revisited regularly by critics, and reified by fans. Yet, like most engagement of Hip Hop culture, this is only the tip of the iceberg. DJ Hoodwink and the crew from #thelistening (Thursdays at 9pm EST on Twitter) came together to create a special selection of Illmatic & surprise Illmatic-inspired tracks to dig into. Remember… Listen. Think. Act!


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