Antonio Breez The Convocation of Antonio Breez

The Convocation of Antonio Breez is the culmination of years of hard work and passion from the Boston wordsmith, Antonio Breez. A proper debut album, it touches on a number of topics while bringing the listener into the world of an artist you won’t soon forget. The up-and-coming spitter spends the 16 tracks on here chronicling every facet of his life, but his lyrical autobiography goes beyond insight, touching upon both his work ethic and artistic rise. For Breez, it all boils down to putting everything out there for whoever’s willing to listen. Stream ‘The Convocation of Antonio Breez’ right here in its entirety, or via iTunes, where 90% of all proceeds will be donated towards 'Team Jade's Be The Match' donation fundraiser, in her fight against leukemia:
  • Producer: Kazi Beatz, Skinny Manolo, Official Stichel, Magic on the Beat
  • Added on: Jan 26th, 2016