Dex No Eyes In a Canvas

  • Feat. Fiyah Face & eLiEN
  • Producer: Excerpts from albums by Adrian Younge
  • Added on: Nov 17th, 2015 by Dex
  • Runtime: 54 mins, 16 songs
This album is a testament. A sign of the times. A true journey through the trials of love. A good soul once told me that we don't always have a choice| to what happens to us but we can choose how we respond. In turn, I've created this album by taking excerpts from albums by the vintage guru Adrian Younge. I've molded and shaped each song to fit the forseen concept. This is one of the only ways to convey certain emotions to the one I love. I pray that she listens and studies this album to know exactly how I've been feeling. 'No Eyes In a Canvas' contains 16 records and a DIGITAL BOOKLET including lyrics via the download of this release. What comes from the heart reaches the heart. All album credits are also found in the digital booklet. Runtime: 55 mins.


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