Francis Mercier, COSSY Stereo Delight EP

On opener “Stereo High” the syncopated synths trill over the ever-familiar four-on-the-floor of the kick drum, fusing the unashamed hedonism of disco and 90s house with the tranquility of a not-so-distant utopia. The closer, “Our Love,” moves the joy of “Stereo High” out of the dreamscape and into reality with jubilant piano and soulful vocals over visceral builds alongside wistful harmonies. The effect of both tracks is an EP that seems to stretch time as it sprints into the future and dances in the ecstasies of the past. As the vocalist offers on “Stereo High,” this quick little pack of dance delights has “every little thing you need.”
  • Added on: Mar 2nd, 2020