Morningstar MorningGlory

  • Feat. VeeDot & Kido Lava
  • Producer: TozuProductions & MG_BEATS
  • Added on: Feb 5th, 2019 by Morningstar
  • Runtime: 14 mins, 4 songs
Summer (feat VeeDot)

Verse 2 (Morningstar)

Summer time, summer sounds now resound
The sun is setting sending seraphims to set my sound Deep sleep REM's how I get my sound
I set my watch to the summer this is my time Every corner of the earth you should move now Every corner of the earth you should dance now These are pipes of the heavens you should dance now Never break down. Verse 4 (Morningstar) Somewhere on an open field In the eastern corner Of the south of Africa Kids dance to the music in the background mother lies on her back looking to the sky In her subconscious mind she's creating stars Kids dance; dancing to the empty sounds
Trees dance to the rhythm of the wind
My heart pounds!


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