Curbside Jones WakeUpSuper! Hyper Omega Elbow Drop Alpha Edition

You can think of this project is the definitive version of 'WakeUpSuper! +DLC,' a project released by Curbside Jones in the summer of 2014. WakeUpSuper! has a simple concept, sometimes life hits you when you're least expecting it like a wake up super combo. If life is a game Curbside Jones sees it as a fighting game, and this is the soundtrack to that game. This version comes with 4 remixes provided by- Takamaru Gaiden, Phill Blanks, Pizzachu Lu, and KB Da Beat Goddess. There are 3 bonus songs, 2 produced by Curbside Jones and 1 by Phill Blanks. Bonus content includes- a digital booklet and 2 alternate covers. Follow Curbside Jones as he tries to block the 50/50 mixup life has thrown his way.
  • Producer: Curbside Jones & Friends
  • Added on: Nov 25th, 2014