Community Service Community Service Radio Vol. 1

  • Feat. YZAL the Praxis
  • Producer: Community Service
  • Added on: Aug 29th, 2019 by Community Service
  • Runtime: 34 mins, 9 songs
Making their debut to the world as a collective, Community Service presents their debut album, "Community Service Radio Vol. 1" - a demonstration of what makes the group unique from other groups, and what makes each individual artist and producer unique from other artists and producers. Topics on this project range from displaying their passion for music on "4 Da Luv" to expressing their frustrations with the current hip-hop community on "If Anyone Bothered to Ask". The group addresses the reluctance of the world we live in to discuss the problems and work towards a solution in "BOA" while also calling out those who see the world only in a negative light in "Narcissism". Experience plays a factor on this project, and it's very evident in the love and break-up stories presented in "Connect/GO". That experience is also seen in the way the group discusses maturity on "Toonami" and how that doesn't necessarily mean letting go of all things that make us happy as children, such as cartoons, anime, and other forms of animation. This project is merely an introduction to a group that plans to touch the world through music and continue to keep hip-hop about exchanging knowledge. This album i


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