Founded By Hustlers Kyrie James

"Kyrie James" The Mixtape The Newest project by the group (FBH) #KyrieJames. A Mixtape released in April 2016 based on their Predicted Championship season by the Cleveland. Its the feeling of the cities trial to triumph. With the HIT SINGLE "Die N Da Light" this Mixtape is full of hits and classic music for everybody to enjoy. Produced by Cleveland's Own IP Man Inkredible. Bio Introducing the new Underground sensations Founded By Hustlers. Based in Cleveland Ohio, this new phenomenal group is ready to sweep the nation. In all respect to the native Legends (Bone Thugs and Harmony) FBH is look to make the impact on the industry, as well as revive that old feeling of greatness to The Land.
  • Added on: Jun 30th, 2016