Killuhkam killuh4higher

This is a compilation of songs i put together with a few of my friends i take my music very serious but at the same time i like to have fun with it the thing i like most about my music is that i feel like i don't sound like anyone else but at the same time I'm influenced by a lot of people in the rap game today..with that being said i hope you enjoy the music your boy killuhkam

im a young up and coming Hip Hop/Rap artist from a small town named York South Carolina I've been doing music going on 15 years now at first it was just for the fun and the love of music but everyone i ever came into contact with says i need to put myself out there and make a name for myself so i decided to make this mixtape along with my the help of a few friends to get started casing my dreams i know i have ...
  • Added on: Feb 28th, 2018