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  • Runtime: 19 mins, 7 songs
All instruments and music, mixing, and mastering by Catman.

This album to me reflects subtractive growth; as we move through life, we are shaped by the forces and events around us. We can only truly become a part of the world by experiencing this erosion of self, and as we are worn down by time, we trim the fat and grow closer to the core of our own being. I hope that this project brings you through that journey: from excess, mania, and youthful arrogance, into stoicism, self restraint, and thoughtfulness.

Very very special thanks to Lightfoot and Loman for their support and indispensable help during the process of mixing the record, and to Rah Zen and Erin Esco for helping with preparing the release show. Thanks also to Lucas Apostoleris, Michael Caudill, Ryan Garvey, and Fredua Boayke for your encouragement and advice; I'm truly lucky to call you all my best friends. Also, thanks to Danielle, Karen, and Michael - without whom I wouldn't be who I am; your love and support over the years has given me the strength to grow as a creative spirit and as a human being. Thanks to my whole family really, for always being so loving and enthusiastic in their support.



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