Brent Faiyaz Sonder Son

  • Added on: Nov 4th, 2017 by Brent Faiyaz
  • Runtime: 42 mins, 12 songs
Editor's Notes: Brent Faiyaz, riding the high of his appearance on Goldlink’s smash “Crew, delivers his dreamy, elegant, and moving debut solo album, ‘Sonder Son.’ The Baltimore artist is one of the most evocative and winding singers in R&B, with his every note reverberating out from his heartstrings, making ‘Sonder Son’ a yearning and gripping debut. The album is an ode to self-discovery and survival. Faiyaz’s singing is as leveling as it is becoming, with his autobiographical lyrics proving just enough relatability to establish a bond between himself and the listener. ‘Sonder Son’ is about pain, living with pain and growing through pain, and while the subject matter is heavy, Faiyaz’s vocals never drown in sentiment. They are tender, but that never stops him from soaring on the album.


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