Alexander Lewis OMNI. EP

Editor's Notes: Armed with a trombone and classical jazz training, California trombonist and producer Alexander Lewis is one of the most innovative musicians in the trap scene. Building his experimental sound out of an early love for the Los Angeles beat scene, Lewis is taking his trombone and making it the star of his booming and cinematic productions. With a fresh hip-hop focus, his latest project, ‘OMNI.’ showcases the rockstar appeal of the trombone and gives trap production a necessary face lift. Working with the likes of Brasstracks, Armani White, MadeinTYO, and more, Lewis crafts ‘OMNI.’ as a project that proves the importance of live instrumentation in hip-hop. Each track on the EP is a cinematic banger, sounding like the perfect song to soundtrack the end of the world. Lewis’ trombone playing is lively, leveling, and evocative. By putting the trombone in this mainstream light, Lewis is undoubtedly moving music forward.


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