eSoreni A Girl - A Story of a Girl (2016) - Aarsy Productions

  • Feat. Mohit Ghildiyal
  • Producer: Ravi Shankar Vishwakarma
  • Added on: Oct 29th, 2016 by Aarsy Productions
  • Runtime: 26 mins, 4 songs
A Girl: There was a girl who hated herself just because she’s face was burn. She hated everyone, except a boy. She loved that boy very much. One day, she tells him about her love. But he made fun of her face and gone forever. The girl was sad just because her face was burned. She could not bear and committed suicide. Vocal Artist: eSoreni Music: Ravi Shankar Vishwakarma Special Thanks: Mohit Ghildiyal Studio: Spin Gurus Studio Like Us : Follow Us : YouTube link: Full Album also available on:


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