8ruki STEAM

  • Producer: 33 Recordz
  • Added on: May 17th, 2019 by 8ruki
  • Runtime: 15 mins, 7 songs
STEAM is the first EP from 8ruki on streaming platforms, he is leading the way for his crew 8scuela and most of all for his particular type of Cloud Rap, heavily autotuned on plug beats letting us noticed RNB inspirations.

A type of rap who is floating so, which is declinded in seven songs, without saying the word "drip", each production exhale of "steam" so much than at some point we feel obligated to describe his style like this.

Then it creates really bumpy and energetic tracks meanwhile the production is keeping us in really smooth vibe.

We can also notice pop culturer references as Michael Jackson in the song "Dans Le Noir", or the famous TV Show "Kenan & Kel" in the eponym track.

Inspirations from the 80/90's then, another reason to listen this 8ruki Debut EP because it new and really different from all the others young rappers from his generation.

Welcome to STEAM, it's time to get high on bangers !


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