AJ Bank$y The Surface

  • Feat. Indigo

AJ Bank$y

Composed up of only three tracks, this EP gives listeners brief insight into the mental, spiritual, and financial frustrations Bank$y struggled with in the year he was unable to push new content. Leading up to this release, he dropped the video for “Back,” the first song in theEP. “”Back” is a declaration,” explains Bank$y. “The video juxtaposes two different personas- a lively, animated rapper and a hollow, desperate man. I embody both and endure the latter in order to find my truth. Benjididit, the video’s director, successfully helped me illustrate that.” The second song, “Too Hard,” reads like a page from his journal- detailing his battles with drugs and his demons. Specifically saved for last to close the EP on a more optimistic note, “Heaven” provides the listeners with a light of hope featuring vocals by Indigo.
  • Runtime: 11 minutes, 3 songs
  • Release Date: June 10, 2018