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Agbaje MindSet



As i dey move Them dey hate No be my fault say i dey where i dey If na you dey for my age Tell me my brother how you sef go behave God will never take away what is meant for me to another man As i dey wait for them, them dey wait for me too My mindset e don dey another planet I go make it loud to them, them go know say i bad {Them go know say i bad} I keep up the faith then i look up to GOD cause i know say one day them go dance to my song Them go dance to my song O di dandan I go show them say na me be the Don Don This is a good good vibes, shey you dey feel my vibes Big up to everybody Wey dey hear my vibes, wey dey feel my vibes oh oh mama somebody pray for me, somebody pray for me My mama pray for me SAY Aiye magbo Aiye majo Gbedu to tani Aiye magbo

  • Producer: Obodo
  • Album: Prod by Obodo
  • Release Date: