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Best Of Abdallaza


Abdalla Chidyanga is a Kenyan – Swiss singer, songwriter born on 14th November in Uznach, Switzerland. Abdalla Chidyanga, better known as Abdallaza or Dallan is a YouTuber who produces parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches and interviews, he is also known for his top-notch photography which has given him much recognition in the community. Abdallaza attended Mombasa University, Kenya where he majored in Theatre arts, which paves the way for him in the photography, modelling and movie industries respectively. After graduating from Mombasa University in 2008, he moved to Switzerland to pursue is acting career. On his way to making a name in his acting career, Abdallaza started a career in YouTube, where he started making fitness and health videos, but his popularity grew only when he started making traveling videos, which makes him owner of multiple YouTube channel, one of which is “Dllan Boy”. October 5, 2020, the day Abdallaza became a father to a beautiful daughter Salha Abdalla, also marks the day he left the YouTube which was the catalyst for his musical career. His first studio album “Tunashine” was released in 2021 under his label, Abdallaza Record Label, the album contains a total

  • Runtime: 44 minutes, 11 tracks
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