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Unusualbeing Best 25 EP


Have been through death 💀 but I conquered Have been through fire but I never got bruises Have been through the storm but I never stumble Right now I am beating my chest boldly that this is my best year ever! The year of the breakthrough y’all have been waiting for! 🌍🌪 Join me as am “GOING IN” to the music world! 2020 many things sup but am outchea hale and hearty 🙏 o lord am a “GRATEFUL SOUL” and I also give thanks for the trip to the world 🌍 “TRIP TO COLORADO “ am about to embark on! Why won’t I dance “TAMUREGE “ when sailed through 24years of hardship? This is my gratitude as I clock a graceful 25years “BEST 25”!!! Enjoy 😉❤️

  • Runtime: 15 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: