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$ha Bussin Patience

Patience Ep $ha Bussin/Locoboi $tackz AALPHASOUNDZZ 20,000K plays Stream Download Added: 09/02/2016 by AALPHASOUNDZZ "Music Taught Me Patience ..So Many Times I Messed Up In The Past Because I Wasn't Patient..The Good Things Worth Having Are Worth Waiting For. I'd Rather Get It When It's Meant To Be Than Rush N Not Be Ready" - j.r ? EP Tracks 1.- $ha Bussin Ft. Locoboi $tackz - Rlotw (intro) 2.- $ha Bussin Ft. Locoboi $tackz - I Need It 3.- $ha Bussin Ft. Locoboi $tackz - Trappy 4.- $ha Bussin - More 5.- $ha Bussin - Movements

  • Producer: Various credible producers
  • Runtime: 17 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date:


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