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JayswiTch Majoh

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Adejimi Adegoke Samuel aka JayswiTch is a soulful, talented and inspiring musician based in Ibadan. A creative popular song writer and composer. He has gradually reinvented himself as a diverse artiste (Singer and Rapper) by being able to fit into different genre of music. Recently he released a new song title MAJOH, which is a stylish formulated afro pop genre fused with clever, motivating messages, which urges persistent in individual endeavor’s, the rhythm combine with a solid beat and strong engaging rich instrumental which was produced, mixed and mastered by APEK. The attractive sweet tone gives the real feelings and expression into the lyrics with high performance throughout both vocally and instrumentally. MAJOH by JayswiTch is a must have for everyone, please kindly listen and download Follow JayswiTch @iam_Jayswitch on Instagram and twitter to get latest updates.

  • Producer: Apek
  • Release Date: