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Jenks & Childz From The Fifth, With Love

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 757 based DMV artist, Jenks & Childz have teamed up and are firing on all cylinders with their latest EP "From The Fifth With Love." The four track EP is filled with raw lyrics mixed with witty rebuttals that will definitely give the listener a soundtrack for any season. "Zero Dark 30" starts as a movie would. The listener will feel the energy as they hear the beat charging up, then Childz says "I think they listening now" which sets the tone early. The duo then takes a trip to "Cambodia" and brings listeners with them, as they switched the frequency mid-song. "Go Head Remix" has a nostalgic hip hop feel that captures the essence of the genre. FTFWL wraps up with "Make it Count" which is guaranteed to leave the listener inspired, the perfect conclusion for the FIFTH DIMENSION and W

  • Runtime: 12 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date:

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