BUFFALO SOULJAH No man bigger than God



SPONGE and ELVIE The man dem rise and fall Tell dem seh the man dem rise and fall We rise and fall Verse 1 Somebwoy wan act bougie and Superior But dat ting de nuh move me Man no Inferior Ca niggas bleed just like us like the notorious. Ca this Life we ah living is mysterious Ca dem bwoy boast around like the Bittles Dem make ah little money and grow wings like a eagle. Tell dem bwoy fi humble dem ano immortal We na carry non gwan heaven like removal No man ah promised tomorrow Look how 2020 bring hollipa trouble and sorrow Member say No man reign forever what goes up must come down just like evaporation Tell dem seh Pre Chorus No man is an Island And you are not Superman You coulda Blow up like a nuclear Or rich with ah billion Hook From we ah made from flesh and Bloo

  • Producer: Sponge and Elvie
  • Release Date: