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Kim Tan Kim Tan_ Infinity Cover vs 👑Omah lay❤️


Kim Tan

First RAP LYRICS 🚀👑👑 Yh RAPADDICT 🔝 FINGERS 🔝 😇 MAGIC Vibes 🎙️❤️✌️ Hello Hello Bby I truly Pay all I gat To make yhu ready . Once time I gat for u Take me to your Daddy . Don' t say no Pls don't Say Am ur paddy All Fink's wanted me do is for sure my Teddy .Daimond for u Gold on U got this Already Take my Time Take my Hrt .. it urs Already Can't fake my love on you. can't wait for nobody ok Bby stand atis ....look at me ..... me.........Want u need.... Stay for me ....Dance for me ..... Pray for me ok U want money.?..u want Ballin ? Keep talking lemme turn on this the recording... Ok bby this is not an Activity is my ability You already no the Authority my Feelings for u positivity all she want from me is till infinity got her in my Room She like"

  • Producer: Segxy sound 😇
  • Release Date: