BOiGEORGE Stress My Life



"STRESS MY LIFE" ▪️VERSE 1. First time that we met, everything was better, when I write you a letter, e de burst your braaiinnn... Then you started to change, Now you de drive me mental, You say back to sender, Now I de lose my braainnn ▪️BRIDGE. Ohh, Maybe this love thing is not my turn yet, I withdraw I step out one leg, Hard guy no fit get headache Mek you know say... ▪️CHORUS. Me I no fit stress my life, Everything weh I get combined, Oohh you and I, we just couldn't try... 2x ▪️VERSE 2. You got a beauty to keep up, I got a throne need to sit on, see this people expect me to be strong, I got a father to make proud, Am new in the game need to live long, I got a mother to prove wrong, I smoke one blunt then I sing song, Then I move on. .....................

  • Producer: Gambit Vybez
  • Release Date: