Sotrendy Nnwayoma

  • Album: single

We present to you a musical legend & an icon, from the way back music. He goes by the name "Soo Trendy" also popularly known as "awoodaman" He was born & grown up in to the music world. He started From a musical group in kano state, called the Maxi's family, a group of Four (4) stars, the are musically good both in R&b, rap, highlife & country music. There names are Maxibeat, Xzibeat, Abayomi & Soo Trendy's name in the group was maximum. They got fame when they did a cover song title "Olufume" by Styleplus. The music took them far before the splits, "Soo Trendy" never stop there even as life is full of ups & down, utill he reached the spotlite to fame from his anticipated Ep Called "Starlite" a beautiful Ep album to anticipate. We officially & Orientally give u one of his best

  • Album: single
  • Release Date: October 28, 2020