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  • Album: Local Man Up


Pictures is the lead, promotional single and second track off 7's debut mixtape Local Man Up. And like "777" Pictures was recorded in Cotonou, Benin Republic. On this song 7 sings about a girl who is a social media trendy that would do anything for her "Pictures" to get non-stop likes and much comments. But always seems to leave him on read, even though he intends on helping her achieve the her goal. He delivers an Afrobeat feel on the instrumental and a Pop like sound (mixed with a little pidgin) with his recorded vocals. Extra added ad-libs where done by PeroZkeed & YNG Mill who also helped in composing the music lyrics. Also Roscolee who corrected and arranged the

  • Producer: 7TEENTRILL
  • Album: Local Man Up
  • Release Date: