3rty Mary

  • Album: Medicine Man


**Mary** is 3rty's latest single on which he professes his love for natural and organic medicines and remedies of which he insists his special blend of **Herbal Music** plays a big role. Using a patois-style delivery and lyrics that are relatable to anyone wishing we could go back to the good old days of using homegrown herbs & tinctures to treat our ailments, 3rty begs the fictionalized Mary to "come give me my medicine, that thing that is right for me, come give me the herb". With reggae-inspired production by **Jay Blakez**, Mary still maintains the organic elements that have become a staple of 3rty's style of Herbal Music that we have come to know and love. Listen to Mary and we hope you can get some healing from 3rty, the self-proclaimed "Medicine Man".

  • Producer: Jay Blakez
  • Album: Medicine Man
  • Release Date: