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Dollar Bin DOG


Dollar Bin

Harlem producer Dollar Bin is pleased to share, “DOG,” the low end banger featured on his forthcoming debut EP, ‘The King of Styles.’ And for those of you following Dollar Bin’s rising career these past few years, you’ve surely been anticipating new material. That goes for whether you stumbled across his collaborations with the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, or copped his Drum Ensemble releases. Whatever the case, you need not worry because the EP includes some newness for you to blare out of your speakers when it drops. And, really, it gives you another reason to bump “DOG,” a cut that’s just as rich with bass and off-kilter samples as it is with doses of humor. ‘The King of Styles’ becomes available stream, and download, through all major digital retailers on April 15th.

  • Producer: Dollar Bin
  • Album: The King of Styles
  • Release Date: